Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Daisy Wreath

I have been busy the past week or two trying to make spring and Easter decorations for my house. I have lots of Christmas decorations, but nothing for the spring! Thanks to Pinterest, I have lots of ideas. In addition to the spring blocks I made, I also did a wreath for the front door. I was inspired by this wreath, found here on Pinterest, originally from here.

I think the soft texture of the flowers against the grapevine wreath is just so pretty! I also found this one that used an initial instead of house numbers (found here).

So of course I set out to make my own. I scored an 18" grapevine wreath half-off at Hobby Lobby for only $2.50! Way cheaper than I expected. I also found a "Z" on sale for about $1.30. The Z was actually unfinished, and this picture shows it after a few coats of white spray paint.
I found the florals at Hobby Lobby to be too expensive, so I headed to Michael's. Unfortunately I missed their floral sale, and I just wasn't prepared to spend something like $6 per hydrangea. They did have some happy gerbera daisies for $1.20 each, which are one of my favorite flowers, so I decided to go with those instead.

Armed with my supplies, I got to work. First up was to trim the stems off the daisies - those things are crazy long. They have wire inside, but I found if I used scissors to cut through the green covering, I could pull the head of the flower off the wire. I just made sure to leave enough length to tuck the flowers into the wreath.

After that it was pretty simple. Tuck flowers into wreath, hot glue letter onto wreath, hang with a ribbon.
I used the trick of putting a Command hook upside-down on the back side of the door, then hooked the ribbon around it.
Forgive the awkward shiny lighting, but here's the finished product!

It's much cheerier than our plain black door. Happy spring!

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